Cultural Appropriation: A Leftist Myth

Imagine this: You walk into the costume party wearing your sexy Pocahontas outfit hoping for a fun night with your friends when a 5’5 white male dressed as a gender-neutral Spider-person approaches you to tell you how “offensive” and “racist” your costume is. He tells you “you don’t understand the significance of what you’re wearing” and that you “should be ashamed for wearing that. Native Americans were slaughtered by white people like you!” You stand there awkwardly waiting for him to stop when suddenly, he pulls out his phone, takes a picture of you and tweets it to the rest of his “woke” followers. “I can’t believe it’s 2018 and people still think it’s okay to dress like this” the tweet reads. Suddenly, a mob of privileged college students are berating you for your costume, and you’ve been embarrassed to the point where you end up just leaving the party. As the group of NPC’s yells you out the door, you take one last look around at all the screaming people. Funny… not one Native American in sight.

We live in a culture and a society where outrage has become a recreational pastime.” said a Navajo Indian I interviewed on my trip to the reservation in Window Rock, Arizona. After being chased off of the California State University Northridge campus for dressing up as a Native American for Thanksgiving, (watch that video here:, I decided to see if real Native Americans were as offended as the college students who I encountered on campus.

These alleged indigenous students were screaming death threats and ripping my costume off of me. One would have thought the world was going to instantaneously explode if I didn’t take off my Party City Indian headdress.

Having experienced this, I drove 900 miles with my cameraman to the Navajo Reservation to see what people there thought, and the results were exactly as I expected. Of the Navajos we talked to, not one was offended by “cultural appropriation”. Not one of them thought the name Washington Redskins was offensive, and not one of them wanted others to be offended (or to feign offense) on their behalf. The Navajos I talked to actually loved the idea of people sharing their culture and keeping their history alive. “I think that’s a cool thing that we get to be represented.” said Ryan, one of the Navajos we talked to. After my experience on the reservation, Ryan and I have kept in touch, and I even sent him the final video. Here’s what he had to say after I sent it to him:

“Thank you!!! The way the whole video was put together was our voice. Amazing, good work brother!” That hit me harder than any hateful leftist ever could.

(Video from the Navajo Reservation:

It seems to me that the only people getting offended over “cultural appropriation” are those who are least affected by it. What do I mean by this? I mean that educated white leftists are getting offended on behalf of minorities that aren’t even upset in the first place.

In another video, I went to UCLA and asked college students if they were offended by me dressing up as a Mexican. As you can probably guess, they were all horribly traumatized by the experience, but when I went to Olvera Street, a very hispanic area in Los Angeles, and asked the same question to Mexicans on the street, they loved my outfit and were enthralled that a white guy was celebrating their culture with them. (Watch Mexicans vs. Students: Cultural Appropriation here: Yet again, the people who the popular narrative insists are supposed to be offended reveling in the fact that someone is supposedly appropriating their culture.

Nowadays, people are going to college and coming out stupider than when they went in. To be offended by “cultural appropriation,” it would seem one needs to be college educated. People are not born offended, it’s something that has to be taught, and the university campus is exactly where it happens. Leftist professors teach their students how horrible America is, how terrible white people are, and above all else, that “MY CULTURE IS NOT YOUR DAMN PROM DRESS!” which is made even more laughable when you realize over 80% of all college professors are indeed white. (Source: Virtue signaling academics are teaching impressionable college students what to think instead of how to think, in turn creating an entire generation of young people who believe getting “triggered” is the norm, and who shame those who wish to celebrate another culture’s identity.

A great example is the Irish. I’m part Irish myself, and if you know your American history, you’ll know that the Irish have actually suffered as much discrimination and persecution as perhaps any other group – I’m not begging for your tears, it’s just a fact!

Yet, when I hear that someone is wearing a shamrock on my campus or celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day without being Irish themselves I don’t turn into a keyboard warrior, blasting their face on social media with the hashtag #culturevulture. Instead, I do what any rational person would do, I get over it. The leprechaun throughout history has been considered a derogatory term for the Irish, but do we care now when people use it for celebration? Of course not! We throw on our green and hit the pub with everyone else. It’s cultural appreciation, not appropriation.

Now I’m not saying there are no minorities who will get offended by your “culturally appropriating” costumes, but I can assure you that the vast majority of them could care less what you dress up as. They’re hard working people who just want a good job, a wonderful family and a happy life. They don’t need you getting angry on their behalf, and there’s bigger things to worry about than getting mad over a silly costume. Getting offended does no good for you and no good for anyone else. So for God’s sake, get off your high horse, put on a sombrero and enjoy the costume party. Or the costume fiesta, if you will.


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